For the small Appetit

Smoked Ham with Butter and Bread
Cold Cut Variety with Butter and Bread
Home style cold Cut variety with Butter and Bread
Sausage salad with Bread
Sausage Salad with Cheese and Bread
Hog head cheese sweat-sour with Onion and Bread
Pork Knuckle Aspic cut into Strips with Bread
pork-Roast aspic with Bread
Salmon or Cheese or Sausage or House style or Liverner Sandwich
Salad with fried Curry Turkey strips and Toast
Farmer Salad Greak style with Toast
Mixed Cheese Panel with Butter and Bread
Salad Plate Nizza with Tuna and Toast
Salad Plate Florida with Shrimps, Turkey strips, Fruits and Toast
Mixed Salat Plate with Hamm and Egg

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